The Backgammon Monopoly strategy of Losing to Win

The Backgammon Monopoly strategy of Losing to Win

We all know that backgammon is one of the most played board games in the world. The rules are simple and the game is so much fun to play. Although the traditional game has lost some popularity to games like Bezique and Monopoly, it is still one of the more social games played. It is really no fun to lose all your money to the king or Queen!

In this article we will discuss a winning backgammon strategy, which is to lose to win rather than to win to lose. Although the advice may sound counterintuitive, the situation sometimes is not as dire as one would think.

First, a royal flush hit will put the low hand at ease. Your counter-strategy moves into high gear now, and you are ready to sweep your opponents off their feet.

But you have to remember a few things. A royal flush hit, unlike any other hand, is when a player gets five cards of the same suit.Five spades, five hearts, five diamonds: this is the royal flush. Although five cards of the same suit is almost never a good hand, some people just seem to be luckier with this hand.

Now, there are still three rounds of betting. You can just stay at this level, or you can increase the level of your play. You might even consider going in with just 5 more cents, if you are really sure you want the win.

After the third betting round, if nothing has happened to alters the bet, then you can start the fourth betting round. If someone goes all in, you are in a great position to take away the pot.

However, you cannot be sure that nothing will happen to change the level of the game. So, don’t get carried away with just a good hand. Bet carefully, and you will probably find that you can win a lot of money.

If someone has gone all in, and you have a better hand, then don’t be afraid to call. Watch the play, and you will know when the shot is taken, regardless of how the shooter is shooting.

This is a strategy to increase your chances of winning. To win more money, you need to lose less. This is a winning situation. Play more aggressively, and you will win more of the time. Don’t call all the time, but if you sense a winning opportunity, don’t hesitate to call in high numbers.

Just remember that a few bets are not going to make you a winner, but play in enough pots and you will win enough money to make it worth your while!

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About Gordon BrownThe following material is taken from the book, “The Bolder Book of Smart Dewavegas Gambling”, by Gordon Brown. motives The author hopes that by sharing his knowledge of The Lotto and Casino Games, which he started writing for a national newspaper,  he can endeavour to  make gambling more palatable, and also experience the same benefits himself. brown UK Casino Gambling MathsThe odds of the house winning, given a constant initial bankroll, is called the Roulette nonsense, because it is purely a matter of mathematics. Understanding the difficulty of achieving a result, we may be able to formulate some schemes to exploit the hospitality of the bets, or alternatively, we can take the house away from the vicious one armed bandit. Losing is a bitter pill to swallow, but learning to win is equally difficult. It is not easy to do, but sticking to a winning system can make it easier. In our case, the Roulette nonsense, if you please. Brown also devotes a good deal of his book to Roulette tricks and tips.

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You can’t afford to rest for a long time.You can’t afford to stop playing.Can’t afford to slow down.You can’t afford to be muddled.You can’t afford to be distract.You can’t afford to be unlucky.

Tipping the dealerYou can’t afford to tip the dealer.For tips in casinos, you can only tip the floor dealer. In some locations, you can also tip the waiters, customers, dealers, and floor reps.

  • January 11, 2023